19th Avenue Transit Study | Study Products and Schedule

Project timeline

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Planning Goals/Framework: Establish the overall vision and goals for the corridor as well as how to operationalize those goals using qualitative or quantitative metrics. For example, one goal might be to improve the efficiency of transit service in the corridor, and it may be operationalized through an analysis of changes in transit speeds.


Download the planning goals/framework (PDF).

Existing and Future Conditions Analysis: Assess the area's existing and future transportation needs, including synthesis of findings from recent planning work in the corridor.


Download the report (PDF, 2.7 MB).

Outreach: Engage with surrounding communities and key stakeholders.


Two rounds of community outreach, the first in February 2013 and the second expected in late summer/fall 2013; direct outreach expected throughout the entire study. Download the Phase 1 Outreach Summary (PDF, 6MB). Download the Phase 2 Outreach Summary (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Project Concepts Development: Prepare multiple project concepts for different segments of the corridor, and, with significant input from the public, ultimately join the most promising segments together to form three design concept alternatives.


Summer 2012–Fall 2012. Download the draft options.

Projects Concepts Evaluation: Apply the planning goals and framework to the three design concepts in order to identify tradeoffs among the alternatives.


Summarized in Chapter 4 of the Final Report.

Preferred Concept Identification: Select and refine one preferred concept based on evaluation results and public and stakeholder input.


The Longer Subway and Bridge alternative was identified as the Highest-Performing alternative.

Funding and Implementation Strategy: Identify steps, agency roles, funding sources and coordination needed to move the project into environmental analysis, engineering design, and construction.


Summarized in Chapter 6 of the Final Report.

Final Report: Document Study findings and recommendations, to be adopted by the Transportation Authority Board


The Final Report was approved by the Transportation Authority Board on March 25, 2014.