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The Prop K Strategic Plan is the financial tool that guides the timing and allocation of Prop K revenues over the 30-year Expenditure Plan period. It reconciles the timing of expected Prop K revenues with the schedule for when project sponsors need those revenues in order to deliver projects by taking into account the schedule for availability of state, federal and other funds beyond Prop K, the Transportation Authority's debt issuance capacity, the Transportation Authority's own assessment of the deliverability schedule for proposed projects, and the costs associated with project escalation and debt financing. The Prop K Strategic Plan also sets policy and provides guidance for the administration of the program ensuring prudent stewardship of the funds. Finding a balance between the availability of funds and project delivery is an iterative process that requires examining policy, analyzing agency capabilities to delivery projects consistent with the schedule and costs they have proposed, and maximizing fund leveraging opportunities without which the Expenditure Plan program of projects cannot be delivered.

  • 2014 Strategic Plan MEMO
  • 2014 Strategic Plan PRESENTATION
  • 2014 Strategic Plan POLICIES
  • Appendix ASan Francisco Expenditure Plan Summary
  • Appendix BExpenditure Plan Line Items
  • Appendix C: Expenditure Plan Line Item Summary
  • Appendix DProp K Major Capital Projects—Summary Update
  • Appendix E: Comparison of Available Funds to Priority 1 Funding Levels (2003$'s)
  • Appendix F: Programming and Finance Costs By Expenditure Plan Line Item [Amended January 2018]
  • Appendix G: Cash Flow and Finance Costs By Expenditure Plan Line Item [Amended January 2018]

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