Arguello Boulevard Near-Term Improvements


Arguello Near-term Improvements

NTIP Capital funding was approved in May 2016 for the Arguello Boulevard Near-Term Improvements project. These improvements are a result of the NTIP planning project, Improving Connections to Golden Gate Park, which developed conceptual designs for this and other corridors in the Richmond District.

Arguello Boulevard is an active and important connection through the Inner Richmond. The Arguello corridor carries thousands of San Francisco residents every day, whether they are walking to Rossi Playground or Roosevelt Middle School, taking the 33 Muni bus line, or biking to the Golden Gate Bridge. Arguello connects the two largest parks in San Francisco, The Presidio and Golden Gate Park, and is a main recreational thoroughfare for people walking and biking through the Inner Richmond.

Arguello Boulevard is a Cyclist High Injury Corridor, designated by the SFMTA and the SF Department of Public Health.


The main goal of the Arguello Boulevard project is to address community concerns surrounding safety for people biking and walking along Arguello Boulevard. The project consists of two parts: (1) the implementation of paint-only upgrades to the roadway striping, and (2) the detailed design of concrete elements that will be implemented with the upcoming San Francisco Department of Public Works paving project.

Paint treatment upgrades include:

  • Buffered Bike Lane: Narrowing wide vehicle travel lanes allows for space to paint a 2 foot buffer alongside the existing bike lanes on Arguello Boulevard. This will further separate and clearly delineate spaces on the street for motor vehicles and bicycles.
  • Green Paint Treatments: Strategic use of green paint will accentuate the bike lane, increase visibility of the bicycle facility, and discourage cars from driving in/double parking in the bike lane.
  • Bike Boxes and Two‐Stage Left Turn Boxes: These paint treatments will allow bicycles to make safe turns into and out of side streets and will create a space for bicycles waiting at red lights.
  • Daylighting at Intersections: Daylighting increases the visibility of pedestrians by removing one parking space on the approach to crosswalks.
  • New Continental Crosswalks: Brightly painted, striped crosswalks increase pedestrian visibility and improve vehicle yield rates.

Detailed design of concrete pedestrian islands and bulbouts would be completed prior to  the San Francisco Department of Public Works paving project in 2017.

For more information, please see the SFMTA project page or the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form.


  • Grind and restripe Arguello Boulevard: August/September 2016
  • Detailed design of concrete upgrades: June - September 2016
  • Striping work complete: January 2017