Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management Framework


The Balboa Area Transportation Demand Framework was adopted by the Transportation Authority Board in January, 2018. Download a PDF of the final report.


The Balboa neighborhood is an area located in southcentral San Francisco characterized by the Balboa Park BART station, City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Ocean campus, the Balboa Reservoir, and the commercial corridor along Ocean Avenue. Planning efforts completed in the area include the Balboa Park Station Area Plan, adopted in 2009, and the CCSF Master Plan, adopted in 2004. Both plans aim to enhance the area’s transit performance, public realm, land use pattern, and economic vitality. They also encourage more intensive development than what has traditional characterized the area, calling for the establishment of new programs to reduce undesirable transportation impacts often generated by growth; namely single-occupant vehicle trips.

A number of the Balboa Park Station Plan Area improvements are steadily enhancing transit access, transit operations, and pedestrian access and safety around Balboa Park BART station. Yet, as the neighborhood grows, City College enrollment increases, and travel patterns change, there is a need to better manage the transportation demand for City College and surrounding neighborhoods to work with limited roadway, transit infrastructure, and financial resources.

The Balboa Area TDM Framework was proposed as a response to this need and to public input provided to the Balboa Park Station Community Advisory Committee (CAC), the Balboa Reservoir CAC, and at public workshops in the neighborhood. The project is funded by District 7 Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program (NTIP) funds from the SFCTA’s Proposition K local transportation sales tax, at the request of Supervisor Yee’s office to consider a more effective approach to TDM, given current and future changes in travel due to population and employment growth in the Balboa Area.


Balboa Area TDM project map

The Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Framework provides specific recommendations to encourage sustainable travel choices, make efficient use of limited transportation infrastructure, and maximize access for Balboa Area residents, employees, visitors, and students.

The recommendations consist of physical and operational TDM measures for the City, City College of San Francisco (CCSF), and the future Balboa Reservoir site. The Framework recommends paths to implementing the TDM measures, as well as targets and monitoring programs to ensure goals are being met. Finally, it recommends further study of complementary capital improvements and infrastructure projects that enhance transit, bicycle and pedestrian safety and access.

Potential TDM measures can produce a wide-range of benefits to individuals and the transportation system as a whole, from reducing traffic congestion, vehicle emissions, and fuel consumption to supporting physical activity and enhancing safety. Additionally, TDM activities will make existing transportation investments perform better, extending the life of existing infrastructure and improving the outcomes for new transportation investments.

The Balboa Area Transportation Demand Study will plan for current and future CCSF enrollment and workforce, potential future Balboa Reservoir development, and local travel patterns of the neighborhoods surrounding the Balboa Reservoir.

The scope of work includes the following activities:

  • Existing Conditions: compiling previous studies, collecting remaining data needs, and developing data collection methods for ongoing analysis.
  • Recommended TDM Measures: a suite of neighborhood-specific TDM recommendations for CCSF Ocean campus, Balboa Reservoir and adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Implementation and Monitoring: recommended goals, targets and monitoring practices for each measure.
  • Suggested capital improvements for further study: complementary infrastructure projects that enhance sustainable trip choices by improving transit, bicycle and pedestrian safety and access

For more information, please see the project website or contact Jeremy Shaw ( at the San Francisco Planning Department. Addition details can be found on the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form.

Community outreach

From April 2016 through May 2017, the Planning Department and SFMTA led outreach and coordination efforts with the Balboa Park Station CAC, the Balboa Reservoir CAC, City College Board of Trustees and facilities planners, and neighborhood organizations. Many of the recommendations are in response to TDM-related input to the Balboa Reservoir process, City College Facilities Master Planning, and the San Francisco TDM program.