Pedestrian Safety in SOMA Youth and Family Zone | Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project


Folsom and Howard Streetscape Project corridorsThe SOMA neighborhood has a high density of residents, transit services, commercial areas, freeway access, pedestrian traffic and bicycle use. The Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project aims to improve safety, create inviting streets to walk and bike, as well as prepare for substantial increases in residents and employees in the neighborhood. The planning project will address Howard Street between 3rd Street and 11th Street, and on Folsom Street between The Embarcadero and 11th Street. It will include improvements to bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities, upgrades to traffic signals, traffic circulation changes, and changes to parking and loading.

For more information, please see the SFMTA page and the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form.


Existing conditions at Folsom and 1st (left) and Howard between 4th and 5th (right)The Pedestrian Safety in SOMA Youth and Family Zone was developed in response to input from Supervisor Kim’s office and was informed by an analysis of transportation-related needs in District 6, including findings from WalkFirst, Vision Zero, the Western SOMA Neighborhood Transportation Plan, the Central SOMA Area Plan, the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, and a walking audit of Bessie Carmichael School.

The street segments included in this planning project are Vision Zero High Injury Corridors.


 SoMa Youth and Family Special Use District The SFMTA will engage community-based organizations to obtain more community input to inform how Folsom and Howard can be redesigned to improve pedestrian safety and access to community spaces such as schools and recreation centers within the Youth and Family Zone.


  • Predevelopment: November 2015 to June 2016
  • Community outreach and planning phase: Summer 2016 to Spring 2017
  • Project Legislation: Spring 2017 to Summer 2017
  • Detailed Design: Summer 2017 to Spring 2019
  • Construction: Spring 2019 to Spring 2021

Project Timeline