Improving Connections to Golden Gate Park

Corridor locations for improved connections between Golden Gate Park and the PresidioSFMTA will engage the community, the Supervisor’s Office and other stakeholders to plan and develop conceptual designs for safer connections from the Presidio to Golden Gate Park along three corridors in the Richmond, including 8th Avenue, 23rd Avenue, and Arguello Boulevard. The resulting designs will increase safety for all roadway users, especially at key intersecions (e.g., Geary, Fulton) and improve safe access to Rossi Playground at Arguello/Anza and Arguello/Edward.

Potential improvements developed through this planning effort may include bulb-outs, sharrows, bicycle lanes, bike boxes, crosswalk striping, signal timing changes, lane configuration modifications, wayfinding, curb ramps and more. As part of this planning process, the project team split the NTIP Planning project into three parts: The Arguello Boulevard Safety Project, the Inner Richmond Neighborhood Greenways Project, and the 23rd Avenue Neighborhood Greenway Project. For more information, please see the SFMTA project page or the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form.


The SFMTA is working closely with Commissioner Mar’s office to identify key neighborhood groups/stakeholders and opportunities for outreach, and to catalog known issues in the planning effort areas. On January 28, 2016 a community walkthrough event was held to inform the SFMTA Arguello Boulevard Safety Project.

Girl with red shoes on a bicycle


The 2013 SFMTA Bicycle Strategy identifies several corridors within District 1 that are strong candidates for upgraded bicycle infrastructure.

Vision Zero is San Francisco's strategy to build better and safer streets, educate the public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws, and prioritize resources to implement effective initiatives that save lives. Through Vision Zero, San Francisco will create a culture whereby city residents, workers and visitors prioritize traffic safety, and ensure that when people make mistakes while using our streets the result is not serious injuries or death. A map showing San Francisco's Vision Zero high injury corridors can by found here.


In September 2016, the SFMTA will implement the following painted improvements to the Arguello Boulevard corridor that were identifed through a community outreach and design process:

  • Buffered Bike Lane
  • Daylighting at Intersections
  • Bike Boxes and Two-Stage Left Turn Boxes
  • Left-Turn Prohibition – McAllister Street
  • Reconfigure Turn Pockets

The SFMTA will also work with DPW to make long-term concrete and signal upgrades in coordination with the planned Public Works re-paving project set for 2017. These improvements include:

  • Signal Upgrades
  • Signal Changes to Fulton Street/Arguello Blvd Intersection
  • Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon - Cabrillo Street
  • Concrete Pedestrian Refuge Islands
  • Install Concrete Median - McAllister Street
  • Concrete Bulbouts - Cabrillo Street
  • Enlarge Floating Pedestrian/Bus Island - Balboa Street
  • Extend Turk Street Bike Lane


  • September 2016: Repainting of roadway with buffered bike lane, turning lane improvements, median at McAllister Street, and other changes
  • September 30, 2016: Public Hearing for long-term improvements to be coordinated with the Public Works paving project in 2017 (see details above)
  • October 2016: MTA Board approval of long-term improvements to be coordinated with the Public Works paving project in 2017 (see details above)
  • November 2016 - Spring 2017: Public Works detailed design of long-terim improvements to be constructed with Public Works paving project in 2017.
  • TBD 2017: Full repaving of Arguello Boulevard from Fulton to West Pacific, construction of long-term improvements

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Photo courtesy Khánh Hmoong via flickr Commons.