Transit, Walking, and Biking Improvements 

• Increased Muni service
• New AC Transit Service
• New Ferry Service to San Francisco 
• Free On-Island Shuttle
• Bike Share, Car Share, and programs like carpool matching and an emergency ride home program
• Walking paths and pedestrian-only streets
• Bike Lanes

Planned bus and ferry service to Treasure Island Proposed Treasure Island Transit Pass

The Treasure Island Transit Pass will be accessible to anyone living or working on Treasure Island or Yerba Buena Island. This will be available on Clipper Card.
• Unlimited rides on all Muni, AC Transit, and the Treasure Island Ferry
• Monthly cost will be based on household eligibility (market or below-market rate)
• Required for each new market-rate household
• Optional for below market rate and longtime households to purchase at a discounted rate

Proposed Affordability Program

Residents who live in Below Market Rate households will qualify for the Affordability Program, which is under development.

Proposed Toll Policy 

Tolls incentivize smart choices on when and how people travel. Toll revenue funds new and expanded Island transit services and mobility improvements.

  • Private vehicles will be tolled for entering and exiting the Island. 

  • Tolling will use FasTrak® and other easy on-Island toll payment options

  • The Affordability Program (under development) will include toll credits and/or discounts 

Proposed toll hours and rates are under development. 

Treasure Island Transportation Plan Timeline

Treasure Island implementation timeline