About The Transportation Authority

Transportation Authority staffThe San Francisco County Transportation Authority administers and oversees the delivery of the Proposition K (Prop K) half-cent local transportation sales tax program and New Expenditure Plan, which was passed by 75% of San Francisco voters in November 2003. The Authority was created in 1989 to administer Prop K's predecessor, the Proposition B half-cent transportation sales tax program, which began in 1990 and continued until it was superseded by Prop K.

Since 1990, the Transportation Authority has also been the designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for San Francisco. In this role, the Transportation Authority is responsible for developing and administering the Congestion Management Program (CMP). Through its CMA activities, the Transportation Authority leverages state and federal transportation dollars to complement Prop K revenues and performs project delivery oversight to assist with project implementation. The Transportation Authority also tracks transportation system performance to ensure that San Francisco gets good value for its transportation investments and prepares the long-range San Francisco Transportation Plan to guide future investment decisions.

The Transportation Authority has also served as the San Francisco Program Manager for grants from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) since 1990. In this role, the Transportation Authority approves funding for transportation projects that directly benefit air quality, through reduced motor vehicle emissions.

The Transportation Authority began serving as the administrator of Proposition AA (Prop AA), a $10 annual vehicle registration fee on motor vehicles registered in San Francisco, which was passed by San Francisco voters in November 2010. In this role, the Transportation Authority oversees the Prop AA program and allocates funds to street repair and reconstruction, pedestrian safety, and transit reliability and mobility improvements projects.

The Transportation Authority was designated Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency (TIMMA) in 2014. TIMMA is charged with planning for sustainable mobility on Treasure Island, coordinating new ferry and regional bus service, on-island shuttle, bike share, and car share opportunities. In 2008, state legislation enabled TIMMA to implement congestion pricing to manage vehicle traffic as the Island develops, and to fund the new transit and other mobility services.

The Transportation Authority Board consists of the eleven members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who act as Transportation Authority Commissioners. Commissioner Aaron Peskin is Chair of the Transportation Authority Board. Commissioner Rafael Mandelman is Vice Chair. 

The Transportation Authority Board has one standing committee and one special-purpose select committee.

San Francisco County Transportation Authority
1455 Market Street (between 10th and 11th streets), 22nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415.522.4800   Fax: 415.522.4829   Email: info@sfcta.org

Photo by Amber Crabbe