Citizens Advisory Committee - February 27, 2008

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Meeting Notice

Date:           6:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 27, 2008              

Location:        1455 Market St., 22nd Floor

Members:       Brian Larkin (Chair), Jacqualine Sachs (Vice Chair), Cecilia Lim, Fran Martin, Jul Lynn Parsons, Peter Tannen and Wendy Tran



6:00     1.          Committee Meeting Call to Order                                                                             

6:05     2.         Adoption of Minutes of the January 23, 2008 Meeting - ACTION* (attachment)

6:07     3.         Chair's Report - INFORMATION

6:10     4.         CAC Appointments - INFORMATION

The Plans and Programs Committee will consider recommending appointment of five members to the CAC at its March 11 meeting. These vacancies resulted from the term expiration of Jul Lynn Parsons, and the resignations of Sarah Gon, Jerry Lee, and Matt Mitguard; in addition, consistent with CAC By-Laws, Crezia Tano's membership has lapsed since she missed four of the last twelve regularly scheduled consecutive meetings. Ms. Parsons will be seeking reappointment.  Neither staff nor CAC members make recommendations regarding CAC appointments.  CAC applications can be obtained at the Authority's website ( or by calling 415.522.4800. This is an information item.

6:15      5.         Status Report on the Third Street Light Rail Project - INFORMATION* (attachment)

During the month of December 2007, $5,154,027 in construction was expended on Phase 1 of the Municipal Transportation Agency's (MTA's) Third Street Light Rail Project. Construction activities are focused on the Muni Metro East Maintenance and Operations Facility (MME), which is now 84% complete based on the current forecast-at-completion. The building exterior is now complete, and in the interior, drywall is 95% complete and work on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems has been completed. The installation of the heavy repair equipment, car wash, and sanding system is also complete. On the yard, the parking lot has been paved and work is being completed on paving the rail yard. The installation of the Overhead Contact System (OCS) wire is approximately 75% complete, and installation of the power substation is 90%. The MME is scheduled to complete construction in June 2008.  Preliminary engineering for Phase 2, the Central Subway, is now 64% complete. The project team submitted its responses to public comments received on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIS/SEIR) to the San Francisco Planning Commission for its review and is currently addressing the comments received from that review. On February 19, the MTA Board formally adopted the new Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) proposed by staff, clearing the way for the issuance of the SEIS/SEIR, which is scheduled for April 2008. The MTA expects the Planning Commission to certify the Final SEIS/SEIR by the summer of 2008. In the area of community outreach, the project team continues with community meetings to familiarize the public with the project. Outreach meetings have also taken place to encourage local artists to participate in the project's public art program. Over the weekend of February 23 and 24 the project team will participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations, joining the parade and staffing a booth to further inform the public and answer questions about the project. This is an information item.

6:30     Policy and Programming

6.                  Adopt a Motion of Support for the Allocation of $101,900 in Prop K Funds, with Conditions, to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) for Bicycle Facility Maintenance, Subject to the Attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule - ACTION* (attachment)

The 5-Year Prioritization Program (5YPP) for the Prop K Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Maintenance category, approved by the Authority in June 2005, includes approximately $45,000 annually for maintenance of bicycle paths.  The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) prioritized path maintenance over on-street facilities because no other fund sources are readily available for this purpose.  Since late 2006, the MTA has been subject to an injunction that prohibits the implementation of new bicycle facilities in San Francisco.  In order to maintain an on-street presence for cyclists (i.e., of the MTA's efforts to improve conditions for cyclists) while the injunction is in place, the MTA has reprioritized its needs for Prop K bicycle facility maintenance funds to include on-street facilities. Thus, the MTA has requested a Prop K allocation of $101,900 to repaint approximately 7 miles of existing, faded bicycle lanes across the city.  The MTA identified the lanes in collaboration with the Bicycle Advisory Committee and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  The selected lanes are typically in high traffic corridors and/or are older bike lanes. The MTA hopes to have the project complete by Bike to Work Day in May 2008.  The request requires an amendment to the relevant 5YPP to redirect funds programmed to bicycle path maintenance to on-street facility maintenance, temporarily superseding the approved prioritization methodology in light of the aforementioned injunction.  We are seeking a motion of support to allocate $101,900 in Prop K funds, with conditions, to the MTA for Bicycle Facility Maintenance, subject to the attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule.

7.                  Adopt a Motion of Support for the De-obligation of $207,757 in Prop K Funds from the Signal Upgrades Project (Resolution 04-70) and Allocation of $5,024,692 in Prop K Funds, with Conditions, to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) for Construction of Phase II of the Park Presidio/19th Avenue Signal Upgrade Project, Subject to the Attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule - ACTION* (attachment)

The Park Presidio/19th Avenue Signal Upgrade project involves signal upgrades to 34 intersections including installation of mast arm-mounted traffic signals, pedestrian indications with countdown features, new signal indications, conduits, poles, wiring, controller equipment, and ADA-compliant curb ramps. In addition to replacing signal infrastructure that is over 50-years old, the upgrades are expected to help significantly improve pedestrian and vehicular safety.  The 19th Avenue Project is governed by a cooperative agreement between Caltrans and the City and County of San Francisco that requires an equal funding split over the life of the project.  Due to funding constraints, the project has been divided into three phases.  Phase 1 includes 10 intersections at a total cost of about $6.3 million. Construction is slated to begin next month and be completed in summer 2009.  Phase II, the subject of this request, includes upgrades to 16 intersections from Park Presidio Boulevard at Lake Street to 19th Avenue at Ocean Avenue, and installation of fiber optic signal interconnect. Design for Phase II is complete and Caltrans is preparing to advertise the construction contract in April.  The cost estimate for Phase II construction is $12.85 million, of which San Francisco is responsible for providing $5,937,000.  Caltrans has credited the city with $225,000 in work already performed, thereby reducing the current need to $5,712,000. To cover the city's share of Phase II, the MTA has requested de-obligation of $207,757 in cost savings from the Signal Upgrades Project (Resolution 04-70) and allocation of $5,024,692 in Prop K funds.  To cover the remaining funding, the MTA previously requested that we administratively approve a scope change to Resolution 03-84 (Prop B sales tax funds) to allow $687,308 in cost savings from the Lombard/Richardson signal upgrade project to be applied to Phase II of the 19th Avenue Project.  Final approval of this scope amendment is contingent upon Board approval of the current request.  Caltrans expects to complete construction of Phase II by December 2009.  We are seeking a motion of support to de-obligate $207,757 in Prop K funds from the Signal Upgrades Project (Resolution 04-70) and allocate $5,024,692 in Prop K funds, with conditions, for construction of Phase II of the Park Presidio/19th Avenue Signal Upgrade Project, subject to the attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule.

8.                  Adopt a Motion of Support to Adopt San Francisco's 2009 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Principles and Approach to Project Priorities - ACTION* (attachment)

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC's) Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is the Bay Area's long-range transportation plan that establishes the region's transportation investment priorities for the next 25 years.  Inclusion of projects and programs in the RTP is a prerequisite for receiving state and federal transportation grants, as well as a requirement for capacity expanding projects that may have air quality impacts.  As the congestion management agency (CMA) for San Francisco, the Authority is responsible for coordinating San Francisco's RTP project submittals to MTC, which are due by March 5, 2008. Applications for San Francisco projects were due to the Authority on February 19, 2008.  Most of the submittals were incomplete (e.g. no funding plans); thus, we are working closely with our Technical Working Group to complete the applications. We will bring a list of projects submitted to the February 27 CAC meeting.  On February 1, MTC released its draft RTP vision and the proposed Vision Policy Strategies (Attachment A).  They are, for the most part, consistent with our Countywide Transportation Plan policies and strategies.  Especially noteworthy is the prominence given to key strategies such as pricing and smart growth, which provides the best opportunity to date to back these strategies with significant regional support, including financial resources.  We are not planning to seek approval of a specific list of projects to submit to MTC by its March 5 deadline.  Instead, we are seeking adoption of principles and a prioritization approach (Attachment C) that will give us clear guidance and flexibility to negotiate with MTC and the region about which San Francisco projects and programs should be included in the RTP and at what funding levels.  MTC has outlined the process for getting to a RTP Investment Plan. The key timeframe for this discussion is April to June, culminating in MTC Commission approval of a Final Draft RTP Investment Plan on July 23.  We will continue to provide updates to the CAC on the RTP until MTC adopts the final RTP in early 2009.  We are seeking a motion of support to adopt San Francisco's 2009 RTP principles and approach to project priorities.

7:00     Planning

9.                  Status Report on Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Environmental Analysis and Project Development - INFORMATION

In March 2007, the Authority initiated, in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), preparation of a combined environmental impact statement and environmental impact report (EIS/EIR) for the Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project.  In September 2007, the Authority submitted an application to the FTA for a request to enter project development.  From September to October 2007, the Authority held the scoping period for Van Ness BRT. Based on the agency and public input received during the scoping period, and based on the Feasibility Study and Countywide Transportation Plan analyses, the Authority prepared a screening analysis of the range of alternatives mentioned for consideration.  Three alternatives are recommended for full environmental analysis in the EIR/EIS: curb lane BRT with parallel parking; center lane BRT with dual medians; and center lane BRT with center median.  These are the only alternatives with no fatal flaws and relatively high levels of performance across all screening criteria.  In December 2007, the FTA approved the project for entry into project development, rating the project "medium-high" overall and "high" for cost-effectiveness, indicating that the project will be eligible for federal Small Starts funds.  The project team has held three Van Ness BRT CAC meetings and advanced technical work in support of the impact analysis, including design criteria, a base year travel model, and socioeconomic analysis.   The project team expects to complete a draft EIR/EIS in Fall/Winter 2008.  To download the Van Ness Avenue BRT Feasibility Study, read updates on the draft EIR/EIS, or for more information, please visit

7:30     Finance and Administration

10.               Internal Accounting Report for the Six Months Ended December 31, 2007 - INFORMATION* (attachment)

The Authority's Fiscal Policy directs staff to give a quarterly report of expenditures including a comparison to the approved budget.  The Authority's Investment Policy directs that a review of portfolio compliance be presented along with the quarterly report.  The Internal Accounting Report for the six months ended December 31, 2007, is presented for information.

7:40     11.        Public Comment

7:50     12.        Adjournment

* Materials Attached


Next Regular Meeting: March 26, 2008



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