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  • See the main Better Streets webpage for information on street improvement project types, the City’s permitting process, maintenance responsibilities, and applicable codes and guidelines, created to assist San Franciscans to make street improvements in their neighborhoods, shopping districts, and workplaces.
  • See the adopted Better Streets Plan.

The Better Streets Plan creates a unified set of standards, guidelines, and implementation strategies to govern how the City designs, builds, and maintains its pedestrian environment.

The Better Streets Plan process brings together staff of multiple City agencies to comprehensively plan for streets. The Plan seeks to balance the needs of all street users, with a particular focus on the pedestrian environment and how streets can be used as public space. The Plan reflects the understanding that the pedestrian environment is about much more than just transportation—that streets serve a multitude of social, recreational and ecological needs that must be considered when deciding on the most appropriate design.

The Better Streets Plan carries out the intent of San Francisco's Better Streets Policy, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on February 6, 2006. (Source: SF Planning Dept.)

MTC's Complete streets checklist

In June 2006, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted a regional policy to promote the routine accommodation of non-motorized travelers in planning and design of the Bay Area's transportation projects. The Routine Accommodation Policy calls for agency sponsors of any project receiving funds programmed by MTC to complete an online inventory of how the proposed project addresses the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists. For details, please visit the MTC's Complete Streets Checklist web site.  

Update! Agency sponsors can now register and submit their checklists directly from MTC's online Checklist database.  The Transportation Authority will review and release the checklist for public review.

As the Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority is responsible for making the checklists available to San Francisco's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees for review and comment:

Members of the public can access the cummulative list of San Francisco projects for which the Complete Streets Checklist has been completed to date, and can review the lists by clicking on the individual project names.

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Contact Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, via email or at 415.522.4837.