Transportation Demand Management Partnership Project

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Download the project Final Report Factsheets (PDF) 


Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a set of programs and policies that respond to real and perceived barriers to taking trips by transit, bicycling, walking, or carpooling/vanpooling, and that use market signals to reduce drive-alone trips. TDM strategies include information and education, incentives, physical changes, technology, and pricing.


The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), through the Bay Area Climate Initiative, awarded the San Francisco Transportation Authority a grant for the San Francisco TDM Partnership Project in 2012; the project was concluded in 2015.   The Partnership Project was jointly undertaken by the Transportation Authority, the SFMTA, the Planning Department, and SF Environment, and involved partnership with private sector organizations as well.   The project goals were to:    

  • Advance TDM programs that are effective, scalable, and sustainable over time.
  • Build partnerships with and among private and institutional actors to achieve more efficient and wider-spread mode-shift impacts.
  • Improve the City’s capacity to design and deliver effective TDM strategies in a coordinated manner.
  • Strengthen the case for TDM in San Francisco, advance methods for measuring the success of TDM approaches, and document project activities and evaluation findings to support learning in other jurisdictions.

The Partnership Project included the following elements:

  • Policy Review and Program Development.   Multiple agencies in San Francisco are involved in developing and delivering TDM policies and programs.  This task involved reviewing agency work programs, identifying opportunities for improved coordination, and developing an Inter-agency Travel Demand Management Strategy in August of 2014.  
  • Private Employer Shuttle Partnership Program.  This task, led by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, involved developing and launching a pilot program to minimize the impacts of commuter shuttles while supporting their beneficial operations.  
  • Employer Parking Management. This task involved background research and an attempted pilot program on employer parking management approaches, specifically parking cashout. 
  • Transportation Working Groups. This task involved provision of technical assistance and collaboration with geographic and market sector groupings of employers/institutions, focused on developing TDM initiatives of mutual interest. 

Download the Final Report Factsheets summarizing the project.


The Partnership Project was funded by a grant of Bay Area Climate Initiative funds from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Local were provided by the Transportation Authority through the Prop K local transportation sales tax and the county-fund Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) program. Project Team agencies and private sector partners provided in-kind support to the project.


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