District 11 Near-Term Traffic Calming [NTIP Capital]

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At the request of District 11 Supervisor Safai, Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program (NTIP) Capital funds will be used by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to implement quick and effective near-term traffic calming measures at locations in District 11. Outreach from the Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project and Excelsior Neighborhood Strategy will help determine what actions will be taken.

Specific locations and improvement types will be determined in collaboration with the District 11 Supervisor's Office and will be based on technical factors, such as feasibility and proximity to schools, as well as community input. The budget could cover the following:

  • 32 speed humps or cushions
  • 18 upgraded intersections: painted safety zones, raised crosswalks, continental crosswalks, traffic signs
  • Other midblock or intersection improvements

The final list of locations and measures is yet to be determined, but the SFMTA will give highest priority to projects:

  • Near schools and community assets (ex: parks)
  • In areas with documented safety issues
  • With documented community support
  • That can be implemented quickly

Based on this criteria, several sites will likely receive traffic calming treatments. These include Naples Street, Vienna Street, Avalon Avenue, Orizaba Avenue, and Moscow Street (with a focus on the intersection with Persia); the areas around Cleveland Elementary and School of the Epiphany; and the areas near Excelsior Playground, Balboa Park, McLaren Park and the Minnie and Lovey Ward Recreation Center. The SFMTA will share its list of recommended projects with the Supervisor's office in advance of implementation.

For more information, please see the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form or the SFMTA's Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project webpage.


The Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project and Excelsior Neighborhood Strategy are both ongoing collaborative community planning processes, led by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) and San Francisco Planning Department respectively, that focus on making the streets of the Excelsior safer and more livable. Both projects began intensive community outreach in 2017. The Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project will conclude with the construction of in 2019-2020, and the Excelsior Neighborhood Strategy draft report is available for reveiw.


Due to the nature of the projects included in this project, implementation of some projects may begin while detailed design continues for other elements. 

Implementation of paint-only measures will begin as early as June 2018, while improvements such as median islands and speed humps that require San Francisco Fire Department approval and Public Works coordination may not be implemented until the end of 2018.

  • Design: June - December 2018
  • Construction: June - December 2018
  • Community outreach and SFTMA Board legislation hearings: July - December 2018


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