The Countywide Transportation Plan (2004)

The 2004 Transportation Plan was approved by the Transportation Authority Board on July 20. The Authority undertook a multi-year process to develop the 30-year Countywide Transportation Plan (CWTP). In developing the Plan, the Authority held or participated in over 3 dozen community and neighborhood meetings, and was guided and assisted by two citizens advisory committees and the Authority's Technical Working Group. The CWTP reflects the priorities in the Expenditure Plan for the Prop K Local Sales Tax for Transportation and has become the basis for San Francisco's portion of the Regional Transportation Plan. In addition to projects, the CWTP also identifies opportunities for strategic initiatives and legislative advocacy on a number of transportation policy issues, including funding.

You can find information on the updating of the 2004 plan on our San Francisco Transportation Plan (2014) pages.

Please click below to download the 2004 Countywide Transportation Plan PDFs: