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New technologies are fundamentally changing the way residents and visitors get around San Francisco. In just a few years, innovations in transportation have brought us ride-hail services, autonomous vehicles, bike share, ride-pooling services, and more. The impacts of these services on the transportation system have largely gone unmeasured.

The Transportation Authority is working with the SFMTA and partners from the public and private sector to conduct a series of studies to better understand how these services and technologies are influencing our transportation network. Conclusions from these evaluations may be used to develop strategies, partnerships, or policy options that support citywide goals.  


The following studies are part of a collaborative effort. We are committed to working with San Francisco and Bay Area public agencies, community stakeholders, emerging mobility companies, and advocacy groups to understand how we can work together and learn from each other.

The Big Picture: Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies
A series of studies on the impact of new transportation-related innovations in San Francisco, covering ride-hail services like Lyft and Uber, ride-pooling services such as Chariot, bike share, autonomous vehicle technologies, and more.

A Deep Dive: Ride-Hail Companies
A series of studies on the specific impact that ride-hail services (also known as Transportation Network Companies) like Uber and Lyft are having on our city streets.

Emerging Mobiltiy Pilot Strategy
The Transportation Authority is developing a process for identifying and prioritizing public-private partnerships with emerging mobility companies to ensure a transparent and worthwhile process.


The Transportation Authority will work closely with the SFMTA, other City agencies, and regional agencies to coordinate our respective studies and work plans.


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Photos via Flickr Commons. Top, left to right: Ford GoBikes: David Goehring; Google AV: Ed and Eddie; Smartphone: CAFNR; Zip Car: Andrew Curry.