Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee

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The Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee (EPAC) provided advice to the Transportation Authority Board on the composition of the Expenditure Plan for the November 2003 reauthorization of the half-cent sales tax for transportation.


During the discussion of the Public Outreach strategy for the Countywide Transportation Plan, the Transportation Authority Board emphasized the importance of providing a wider context for the development of the Prop B Reauthorization Plan. This is highlighted by the fact that the revenues likely to result from the reauthorization will only be a fraction of the total funding expected to be programmed to SF projects over the next 30 years. The Board therefore saw fit to place the reauthorization expenditure plan in the context of the 30-year Countywide Transportation Plan, which will account for all local, state and federal transportation revenues, not just those generated by the sales tax. The Board also understood the need for consideration of projects and programs proposed by regional operators like BART, Caltrain and the new Water Transit Authority.

EPAC structure

The Transportation Authority Board approved the formation of the Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee (EPAC) at its April 15, 2003 meeting. The EPAC includes 21 members, as follows:

  • 5 members from the CAC (selected by the CAC)
  • 5 members from the Business Advisory Group (appointed by the Authority Board)
  • 11 members-at-large (appointed by the Authority Board)

See list of members and alternates. In addition, staff resource agencies from the Authority's Technical Working Group include: MUNI, the Department of Parking and Traffic, the Department of Public Works, the Planning Department and BART.

This Committee structure provides continuity and consistency with the Countywide Plan development process and ensures a good mix of community, business, and agency representatives.

Schedule of meetings

The EPAC's work covered the period from April 29th through June 24. The schedule of meetings and major milestone dates for reauthorizing the sales tax measure are also shown below. Other documents relating to these meetings are available on request.


Tuesday, April 29 Kick-off Meeting. Agenda
Tuesday, May 6 Proposed Expenditure Plan Ballot Measure Language, Part I (Focus: Expenditure Plan and Eligibility). Agenda
Tuesday, May 20 Proposed Expenditure Plan Ballot Measure Language, Part II (Focus: Implementation). Agenda
Tuesday, May 27 Open House and Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, June 3 Draft Final Ballot Measure. Agenda
Tuesday, June 10 Draft Final Ballot Measure. Agenda
Tuesday, June 24 Final Draft Ballot Measure. Agenda
  Final Draft Expenditure Plan Language. Language
Ongoing Public Outreach on Expenditure Plan and Countywide Transportation Plan
July 9, 2003 Public Hearing on Draft Environmental Impact Report on the Expenditure Plan and Sales Tax Reauthorization
July 22, 2003 Authority Board certifies EIR and recommends endorsement of the Expenditure Plan
July 23, 2003 MTC approved the Expenditure Plan
July 23, 2003 SF Board of Supervisors Finance and Audit Committee recommended approval of the proposed Sales Tax Ordinance
July 29, 2003 SF Board of Supervisors adopted Sales Tax Ordinance and submitted Measure to Elections Commission for placement on the November ballot
November 4, 2003 General Election and Sales Tax Re-Authorized

Expenditure Plan and Sales Tax Reauthorization
Final Environmental Impact Report

Released: June 18, 2003
The Final Environmental Impact Report was certified by the Transportation Authority on July 22, 2003.

For More Information: Meeting notices and agenda packets for all EPAC meetings can be found on the Authority's website. Questions may be directed to Steve Stamos at 415.522.4800.