Finance Committee - June 3, 2008

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Meeting Notice

Date:                     9:30 a.m., Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Location:                    Room 263, City Hall
Commissioners:       Alioto-Pier (Chair), Mirkarimi (Vice Chair), Ammiano, Chu, Sandoval and McGoldrick (Ex Officio)
Clerk:                          Erika Cheng



1.                   Roll Call

2.                  Approval of Minutes of the May 13, 2008 Meeting ACTION* (attachment)

3.                  Recommend Approval of Contract Extensions for Several Annual Professional Services Contracts in an Amount Not to Exceed $649,900 - ACTION* (attachment)

The Authority contracts with City departments and outside firms for certain specialized professional services in areas where factors like costs, work volume, or the degree of specialization required would not justify the use of in-house staff. We are recommending exercising contractual options for various annual professional services that include general and specialized legal counsel, telecast and closed captioning services, legislative advocacy, financial advisory services, information systems consulting, and project management oversight services for fiscal year (FY) 2008/09 in an amount not to exceed $649,900. We are seeking a recommendation of approval of contract extensions for several annual professional services contracts in an amount not to exceed $649,900.

4.                  Recommend the Adoption of the Proposed Fiscal Year 2008/09 Annual Budget and Work Program - ACTION* (attachment)

The Authority Board must adopt an Annual Budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008. Revenues for the proposed FY 2008/09 Annual Budget include transportation sales tax (Prop K) funds, federal, state, and local revenues, as well as funds from other sources.  Expenditures include capital project expenses, associated financing and interest costs, and administrative and operating expenses.  The Annual Budget presentation includes a description of the Authority's Work Program for FY 2008/09.  A preliminary Budget and Work Program were presented to the Finance Committee last month for review and comment.  The final proposed Budget incorporates Committee guidance and input. The Authority has complied with the necessary public notices in order to take action on the Budget at the June Committee and Board meetings.  A public hearing on the Budget will precede the Authority Board action.  We are seeking a recommendation for the adoption of the proposed FY 2008/09 Annual Budget and Work Program.

5.                  Recommend Approval of Revised Policies on Investment; Debt; Travel, Conference, Training and Business Expense Reimbursement; and Ratification of the Current Fiscal Policy and Procurement Policy - ACTION* (attachment)

While it is standard Authority procedure to review its Investment Policy on an annual basis, it is also important to review all policies periodically, to ensure compliance with current statutes and Authority objectives.  We are recommending minor changes to the Investment Policy and the Debt Policy to better conform to Authority objectives and to allow for increased flexibility.  We are also recommending a minor change to the Travel, Conference, Training and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy related to expense reports.  For FY 2008/09, as there have been no changes to applicable law or Authority objectives that affect the Fiscal or Procurement Policies, we are recommending these policies continue as currently adopted.  We are seeking a recommendation for approval of revised policies on Investment; Debt; Travel, Conference, Training and Business Expense Reimbursement; and ratification of the current Fiscal Policy and Procurement Policy.

6.                  State and Federal Legislative Update - ACTION* (attachment)

7.                  Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION

8.                  Public Comment

9.                 Adjournment                                                                                                                               



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