Street and sidewalk repair on Broadway

obag 2

The Transportation Authority programmed $42.2 million in Cycle 2 OBAG funds to six projects in three actions:

Please visit our OBAG 2 Project Delivery page for the list of projects and their status updates.

obag 1

In June 2013, the Transportation Authority Board approved the Cycle 1 OBAG project list for San Francisco. Please visit our OBAG 1 Project Delivery page for the list of projects and their status update.


MTC created OBAG as a new funding approach that better integrates the region's federal transportation program with California's climate law (SB 375, Steinberg, 2008) and the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). This is accomplished by the following principles:

  • Using transportation dollars to reward jurisdictions that accepted the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) process to produce housing. This was accomplished by using a fund distribution formula that considered population, past housing production, future housing commitments from Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), and added weight to acknowledge very low and low income housing. 
  • Supporting the SCS by promoting transportation investments in Priority Development Areas (PDAs). This was accomplished by requiring that at least 70% of all OBAG funds be spent within designated Priority Development Areas (PDAs). Since the PDA program was adopted by Association of Bay Area Governments in November 2007, over 100 PDAs have been approved within the Bay Area, with 12 of them being within San Francisco County (see map).
  • Providing a higher proportion of funding to local agencies and additional investment flexibility. The OBAG County Program allowed each county the flexibility to invest in one or more of the following transportation categories to best meet the county's needs: Transportation for Livable Communities, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, local streets and roads preservation, Safe Routes to School, and CMA planning activities. 

As a Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority is responsible for administering the OBAG County Program for San Francisco.


For questions about MTC's regional OBAG Program, please contact:
Mallory Atkinson, MTC STP/CMAQ Regional Program Manager, at 510.817.5793 or

For questions about San Francisco's OBAG County Program, please contact:

  • Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, at 415.522.4837 or via email
  • Amber Crabbe, Public Policy Manager, at 415.522.4801 or via email.