San Francisco Lifeline Transportation Program (SF LTP)


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call for projects now Closed - Applications were due February 15, 2019

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is pleased to announce a call for projects for an estimated $4.599 million in San Francisco Lifeline Transportation Program (SF LTP) Cycle 1 funds for Fiscal Years 2018/19 and 2019/20. SF LTP Cycle 1 requires a minimum local match of 10% of the total project cost.There is no minimum grant amount and no maximum grant amount beyond the fund availability. Applications are due by February 15, 2019, with anticipated Board approval in April 2019. 

The Transportation Authority Board established the SF LTP to fund projects that:

  • Improve a range of transportation choices for low-income populations; and
  • Address gaps or barriers identified through community-based transportation plans or other substantive, collaborative, and inclusive planning efforts involving focused outreach to low-income populations


Only public transit operators are eligible to apply for SF LTP funds. 


The SF LTP is intended to fund operating and capital projects that address transportation needs of low-income populations, many of whom are transit-dependent.  Eligible projects include: new, enhanced, or restored transit service, including late-night and weekend services; transit stop enhancements; purchase of vehicles or technologies; transit-related aspects of bicycling; shuttle service; and various elements of mobility management.

Projects must be eligible per STA guidelines as established by the State. See the State Transit Assistance Public Utilities Code in the Resources section for more information on eligibility. 


For SF LTP Cycle 1, the highest priority will be given to Communities of Concern supportive transit services that directly increase mobility for low income persons since STA is one of the few sources that the Transportation Authority can use to fund transit service.  In addition, transit service projects provide an opportunity for a broad geographic distribution of benefits to Communities of Concern. 

Eligible projects will be prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Transit Services Directly Benefitting Communities of Concern
  • Community-Identified Priority
  • Project Need
  • Implementation Plan and Project Management Capacity
  • Project Budget and Sustainability
  • Cost-Effectiveness 
  • Project Sponsor’s Priority of Application
  • Higher Local Match
  • Geographic Diversity


In order to be eligible to compete for this call, sponsors must submit via email an electronic copy of a complete set of application materials by 5 pm on February 15, 2019, with the subject line of “SF LTP Cycle 1 Application – [insert sponsor and project name]” to

A complete SF LTP Cycle 1 application consists of:

  • Application
    • Word file: Project Summary and Narrative
    • Excel file:
      • Operating Projects - Schedule, Cost, and Funding Plan (Worksheet 1)
      • Capital Projects - Schedule, Cost, and Funding Plan (Worksheet 2) and Major Line Item Budget (Worksheet 3)
  • Map of project area/route map with transit stops indicated
  • All applicable attachments, such as letters of support, charts, drawings, and route schedule/timetable


January 14, 2019: Transportation Authority issued a call for projects
February 15, 2019, 5 pm: Applications due to the Transportation Authority
March 27, 2019: Transportation Authority's Citizens Advisory Committee considers LTP project priorities
April 9, 2019: Transportation Authority Board considers LTP project priorities for preliminary action
April 23, 2019: Transportation Authority Board considers LTP project priorities for final action
May/June 2018: MTC Commission approval of program of projects

A more detailed schedule is listed in the call for projects memo.


Final guidelines and application materials are available below.



Contact Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, via or at 415.522.4837.