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In its role as a Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority funds or prioritizes funding for transportation projects throughout the city. Fund sources that the Transportation Authority oversees are highlighted below.

Prop K Transportation Sales Tax

In November 2003, over 75% of San Francisco voters approved Prop K, extending the existing half-cent local sales tax for transportation (Prop B, approved in 1989) and approving a new 30-year Expenditure Plan identifying projects and programs to be funded by the sales tax. The Transportation Authority does the strategic planning of Prop K funds, allocates funds to eligible projects, and monitors and expedites the delivery of Prop K projects. To learn more about Prop K, visit our Prop K webpage.

Prop AA Additional Vehicle Registration Fee for Transportation Improvements

Proposition AA (Prop AA) is a $10 countywide vehicle registration fee that was passed by San Francisco voters in 2010. Prop AA generates about $5 million in revenues each year, which are used to fund smaller, high-impact street repair and reconstruction, pedestrian safety, and transit reliability and mobility improvement projects throughout the city. To learn more about Prop AA, visit our Prop AA webpage.

Lifeline Transportation Program

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) established the Lifeline Transportation Program (LTP) with multiple funding sources to fund projects that improve a range of transportation choices for low-income populations and address gaps or barriers identified through community-based transportation plans or other substantive, collaborative, and inclusive planning efforts involving focused outreach to low-income populations. The MTC assigns LTP funds to the Transportation Authority for programming. To learn more about the LTP and projects in San Francisco funded by the LTP, visit our LTP webpage.

One Bay Area Grant

In May 2012, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted the One Bay Area Grant Program (OBAG) as its framework for programming certain types of federal transportation funds that flow to the region through MTC.  MTC created the OBAG Program as a new funding approach that better integrates the region's federal transportation program with California's climate law (SB 375, Steinberg, 2008) and the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS).  The Transportation Authority receives OBAG funding from MTC to direct to San Francisco projects. To learn more about the OBAG program and San Francisco projects funded by OBAG, visit our OBAG webpage.

Transportation Fund for Clean Air

The Transportation Authority is the designated Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) Program Manager for San Francisco. In that capacity, it programs approximately $800,000 every year to bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation projects that help clean up the air by reducing motor vehicle emissions. TFCA funds come from a $4 per vehicle surcharge collected by the Department of Motor Vehicles on motor vehicle registrations in the nine-county Bay Area region and are distributed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. To learn more about TFCA and projects funded by TFCA in San Francisco, visit our TFCA webpage.