Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study | About


The Study will tailor its approach to the planning and design work for each segment based on the unique characteristics, current conditions and depth of previous planning efforts. Though somewhat different, segments from Santos to US101 will be analyzed with respect to their near-term and long-term character, improvements, and impacts. Analysis of the segment from Balboa Park Station to Santos Street will focus on long-term character, improvements, and impacts, building on SFMTA’s imminent investments in the Route 8X corridor. For the segment east of US101, the Study Team will coordinate with the designs and analysis produced during the transportation studies for the Candlestick and Hunters Point development projects, with a view to creating a cohesive vision for the Geneva-Harney Corridor.

The Study will include transportation demand modeling to test the various options brought forward in the analysis. In addition, the Study will develop conceptual operating and capital cost estimates for each of those options. The Study also includes a high-level conceptual analysis of potential rail service in the corridor, examining the potential ridership demand, possible engineering constraints, and order-of-magnitude costs. Throughout the process, the Study Team will lead a public outreach effort to inform the scope, analysis of alternatives, and characterizing next steps.


The Study will be conducted over approximately 12–18 months, with completion expected in Spring 2015.

Geneva Harney BRT Study timeline