Personnel Committee - May 20, 2008

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Meeting Notice

Date:                     10:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Location:                    Room 263, City Hall
Commissioners:       McGoldrick (Chair), Dufty (Vice Chair), and Alioto-Pier
Clerk:                          Erika Cheng



1.                   Roll Call

2.                  Approval of Minutes of the June 5, 2007, Meeting - ACTION* (attachment

3.                  CLOSED SESSION: Public Employee Performance Evaluation and Approval of the Executive Director's Performance Goals for Fiscal Year 2008/09 - ACTION

The Authority will hold a closed session under Government Code 54957 concerning the annual evaluation of performance of the Executive Director.

OPEN SESSION: After the closed session, the Chair shall report the vote taken on any motion in the closed session.

4.                  Recommend Annual Compensation for the Executive Director for Fiscal Year 2008/09 - ACTION

According to the Authority's Administrative Code, the Authority must fix the compensation of the Executive Director by June 30 of each year. The Board adopted a compensation schedule for the Executive Director in June 2006, pursuant to a regional survey, and fixed his compensation at step 2 at that time. On June 19, 2007, the Board fixed the Executive Director's compensation at step 3. The Authority's compensation policy, as adopted by the Board, does not automatically grant cost of living adjustments. The only increase in compensation for the Executive Director is through the step process. Pursuant to the results of the performance evaluation, the Committee is asked to recommend a step to fix the Executive Director's compensation for Fiscal Year 2008/09.

5.                  Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION

6.                  Public Comment

7.                  Adjournment



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