Plans and Programs Committee - January 12, 2016


Meeting Notice

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016; 10:00 a.m.

Location: Committee Room 263, City Hall

Commissioners: Tang (Chair), Yee (Vice Chair), Breed, Farrell, Peskin and Wiener (Ex Officio)

Clerk: Steve Stamos


1. Roll Call

2. Citizens Advisory Committee Report – INFORMATION

3. Approve the Minutes of the December 8, 2015 Meeting – ACTION*  minutes

4. Recommend Appointment of Two Members to the Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Citizens Advisory Committee – ACTION*  memo

The Transportation Authority has a 13-member Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Citizens Advisory Committee (GCAC). There are two vacant seats on the GCAC for representatives of the Japantown/Fillmore area. The vacancies are due to the resignation of Austin Spires and the term expiration of Richard Hashimoto, who is seeking reappointment. After issuing notices seeking applicants to the GCAC over the past year, we have received applications from four eligible candidates. Staff provides information on applicants but does not make recommendations on GCAC appointments. Attachment 1 contains a summary table with information about current and prospective GCAC members, showing neighborhood of residence, neighborhood of employment, affiliation, and other information provided by the applicants.

5. Recommend Allocation of $170,000 in Prop K Funds to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for Bicycle Safety Education and Outreach, with Conditions, Subject to the Attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedules – ACTION*  memo

We have one request for $170,000 in Prop K sales tax funds to present to the Plans and Programs Committee. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has requested the funds to support development and implementation of a 20-month Bicycle Safety Education and Outreach Program. SFMTA will issue a request for proposals through which respondents will identify activities, classes, and events that the contractor would design and conduct in order to meet specific participation, communication, and educational goals. SFMTA envisions a three tier program, including an annual citywide event, less frequent (i.e., up to 12 times per year) more focused events, and bicycle education. SFMTA anticipates $149,000 for the consultant contract, which would implement the new programs from March 2016 to November 2017. The remaining funds are for SFMTA procurement, project management and evaluation. The latter will cover demographic information to ensure that outreach and classes are reaching the many, varied communities across the city, as well as other program outcomes including increases in bicycling in San Francisco among program participants and increase in safety knowledge by people who have participated in trainings and classes. The project would be 100% sales tax funded.

6. Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program Update – INFORMATION*  presentation

At the January Plans and Programs Committee meeting, Transportation Authority and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency staff will provide an update on the Prop K sales tax-funded Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program (NTIP), including allocated and remaining funds by district, as well as progress updates for each active NTIP project. The NTIP was developed in response to mobility and equity analysis findings from the 2014 San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP), the city’s 30-year blueprint guiding transportation investment in San Francisco, and the Transportation Authority Board's desire for more focus on neighborhoods, especially on Communities of Concern and other underserved neighborhoods. NTIP projects aim to build community awareness of, and capacity to provide input to, the transportation planning process and to advance delivery of community-supported neighborhood-scale projects through strengthening project pipelines or helping move individual projects more quickly toward implementation. Using Prop K funds programmed in the 2014 Prop K Strategic Plan, there are $100,000 in planning funds and $600,000 in local match capital funds for each district. The first NTIP allocation was made in October 2014 to the Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan. To date, the Transportation Authority has awarded six NTIP planning projects and three NTIP capital projects.

7. Introduction of New Items – INFORMATION

During this segment of the meeting, Committee members may make comments on items not specifically listed above, or introduce or request items for future consideration.

8. Public Comment

9. Adjournment

* Additional materials


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