Plans and Programs Committee - January 29, 2008

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Meeting Notice
Date: 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Location: Room 263, City Hall
Commissioners: Dufty (Chair), Peskin (Vice Chair), Alioto-Pier, Daly, Maxwell, and McGoldrick (Ex-Officio)
Clerk: Erika Cheng



1.                   Roll Call

2.                  Approval of Minutes of the December 4, 2007, Meeting - ACTION* (attachment)

3.                  Citizens Advisory Committee Report - INFORMATION

4.                  Third Street Light Rail Project Status Report - INFORMATION* (attachment)

During the month of November 2007, $5,012,565 in construction was expended on Phase 1 of the Municipal Transportation Agency's (MTA's) Third Street Light Rail Project. Construction activities are focused on the Muni Metro East Maintenance and Operations Facility (MME), which is now 80% complete based on the current forecast-at-completion. The building exterior is approaching completion. In the interior, drywall is 90% complete and work is nearing completion on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. The installation of the heavy repair equipment is underway. In the exterior, the parking lot has been paved and work is being completed on paving the rail yard. The installation of Overhead Contact System wire is approximately 70% complete and the power substation is 75% complete. The MME is scheduled to complete construction in June 2008.  Preliminary Engineering for the Central Subway is now 61% complete. The comment period for the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIS/SEIR) ended on December 10, 2007. At year end, the project team was working on addressing and incorporating public comments received. The MTA expects to issue the revised document in early 2008, identifying the new Locally Preferred Alternative. The MTA expects the Planning Commission to certify the Final SEIS/SEIR by the summer of 2008.  Completion of the environmental process will lead to the Record of Decision, which is scheduled for the fall of 2008. The project team has completed its contracting strategy analysis, the results of which are highlighted in this month's project update. The success of the Central Subway relies in part upon the approach to construction contracting, which includes both the delivery method (e.g., design-bid-build, design-build, or other hybrid methods) and the packaging strategy (e.g., number and configuration of individual construction contracts). Because decisions about delivery method can affect contract packaging and vice versa, the MTA evaluated these approaches concurrently. The project team convened a two-day contracting strategy workshop in which team members worked together with a board of consultants comprised of contracting experts and rail property owners with recent experience. This is an information item.

5.                  Call for Projects for the 2009 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP or Transportation 2035 Plan) - INFORMATION* (attachment) (presentation)

On December 26, 2007, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) issued a call for projects for the Transportation 2035 Plan (T2030), the 2009 update to the regional transportation plan (RTP).  The RTP is a 25-year plan that establishes the Bay Area region's vision for transportation with supporting policies and investment strategies, including a list of specific projects and programs.  Inclusion of projects and programs in the RTP is a prerequisite for receiving state and federal transportation grants, as well as a requirement for capacity expanding projects that may have air quality impacts.  As congestion management agency (CMA) for San Francisco, the Authority is responsible for coordinating San Francisco's project submittals to MTC.  The Authority is required to submit its project list to MTC no later than March 5, 2008.  The public may submit projects to the Authority by February 19, provided that the project is sponsored by an appropriate public agency and it is derived from a list of plans and fund programs designated by MTC in its call for projects.   It is important to note that MTC is running several parallel processes that will also generate lists of projects that will need to be considered for funding in the RTP.  For instance, MTC is working directly with transit operators to assess transit maintenance and rehabilitation needs and their corresponding 25-year funding shortfalls.  Thus, these types of projects are not the focus of the aforementioned call for projects.  Instead, expansion and enhancement projects are the primary focus.   MTC's process for prioritizing the projects submitted through these various processes is not yet well defined, but it will occur through a regional discussion that will take place between April and June. At the January Plans and Programs Committee meeting, we will present our approach to the call for projects, as well as an update on the overall RTP process.  We anticipate returning to the Committee with RTP-related action items in February or March, pending additional clarification from MTC on the process for determining which projects will be included in the financial constrained portion of the RTP.  We are seeking input and guidance from the Plans and Programs Committee.  This is an information item.

6.                  Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION

7.                  Public Comment

8.                  Adjournment



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