Plans and Programs Committee - May 13, 2008

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Meeting Notice

Date:                     10:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Location:                    Room 263, City Hall
Commissioners:       Dufty (Chair), Peskin (Vice Chair), Daly, Elsbernd, Maxwell, and McGoldrick (Ex Officio)
Clerk:                          Erika Cheng



1.                   Roll Call

2.                  Approval of Minutes of the April 8, 2008, Meeting - ACTION* (attachment)

3.                  Citizens Advisory Committee Report - INFORMATION* (attachment)

4.                  Recommend Appointment of One Member to the Citizens Advisory Committee - ACTION* (attachment)

The Authority has an eleven-member Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  CAC members serve two-year terms.  Per the Authority's Administrative Code, the Plans and Programs Committee recommends and the Authority Board appoints individuals to fill any CAC vacancies.  Neither Authority staff nor the CAC make any recommendations on CAC appointments, but we maintain an up-to-date database of applications for CAC membership.  A chart with information about current CAC members is attached, showing ethnicity, gender, neighborhood of residence, and affiliation.  There is one vacancy on the CAC requiring Committee action.  The vacancy resulted from the resignation of Matt Mitguard (District 4). Following ongoing recruitment outreach and publicity, we received two additional applications to fill the vacant seat, since the April Committee meeting, for a total of 30 applicants.  We are seeking a recommendation to appoint one member to the CAC.

5.                  Recommend the Allocation of $3,526,054 in Prop K Funds, with Conditions, to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) for the Rehabilitation of Historic Streetcars Project, Subject to the Attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule, and Amendment of the Relevant 5-Year Prioritization Program - ACTION* (attachment)

The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) currently operates historic streetcars on the F-Line along Market Street and the Embarcadero, and is planning to commence service on the new E-Line between Fisherman's Wharf and the Caltrain Terminal at Fourth and King Streets.  The MTA has requested $3,526,054 of Prop K funds to rehabilitate 16 Presidents' Conference Committee (PCC) historic streetcars to bring them up to the necessary standards for revenue service.  These 16 historic streetcars will be added to MTA's revenue-generating fleet and will allow the MTA to provide new service on the E-Line and maintain existing service levels on the F-Line during the scheduled Overhaul Program, when currently used historic streetcars are taken out of service for necessary preventive maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation.  Since the 16 PCCs must be rehabilitated and service-ready prior to the initiation of the Overhaul Program (expected in mid-2011), the MTA has requested a 5-Year Prioritization Program (5YPP) amendment for the Transit System Maintenance and Renovation - Vehicles category to use Fiscal Year 2005/06 Historic Vehicle Program funds originally intended for the Overhaul Program.  The requested $3,526,054 in Prop K funds would leverage $21,245,058 of federal and local funds and bridge toll revenues to fund the construction phase cost of $24,771,112.  The MTA expects to complete the rehabilitation of all 16 streetcars by the summer of 2012.  The MTA has indicated it does not have the capacity to perform historic streetcar rehabilitation work in-house, so it will issue a request for proposals for this project in early June 2008.  We are seeking a recommendation to allocate $3,526,054 in Prop K funds, with conditions, to the MTA for the Rehabilitation of Historic Streetcars Project, subject to the attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule, and amendment of the relevant 5YPP.

6.                  Recommend the Appropriation of $299,240 in Prop K Funds for Local Match for Urban Partnership Agreement Pre-Implementation, Subject to the Attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule, and an Amendment to the Strategic Plan - ACTION* (attachment)

As part of its Urban Partnership Program (UPA), the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has awarded approximately $160 million to multiple agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area to implement a package of congestion management projects that centers on placing a variable toll on Doyle Drive, to reduce congestion and raise revenue to help pay for its replacement.  Other components include variable pricing of parking in San Francisco, integration of multiple electronic payment methods, complementary traffic management and transit enhancement measures, and extension of traveler information systems. Recognizing the importance of interagency coordination and the tight federal deadlines for implementation of the UPA program, the USDOT expedited obligation of a $1.6 million Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP) grant, one of the grants awarded as part of the UPA package, to the Authority for pre-implementation, program coordination and management.  Specifically, the purpose of the $1.6 million VPPP grant is to accelerate implementation of the UPA program by providing initial planning, design, and coordination funds to partner agencies until their respective project grant funds are obligated and are available for drawdown from USDOT. Funds will also be used to provide coordination, program management, and technical assistance to all projects in the UPA grant, particularly fast-tracked pricing projects.  The current request for appropriation of $299,240 in Prop K funds will, when combined with $34,000 in SB45 Planning, Programming and Monitoring funds, fully cover the Authority's local match share for our portion of the pre-implementation scope of work, estimated at a total cost of $1.67 million.  The Authority is leading the overall program management effort and other tasks such as pre-implementation work related to the Doyle Drive tolling system.  The recommended action will require a Strategic Plan amendment to reprogram $299,240 in unappropriated Fiscal Year 2005/06 design funds programmed to the Doyle Drive project to Fiscal Year 2007/08 for the subject scope of work.  We are seeking a recommendation for the appropriation of $299,240 in Prop K funds for local match for Urban Partnership Agreement Pre-Implementation, subject to the attached Fiscal Year Cash Flow Distribution Schedule, and an amendment to the Strategic Plan.

7.                  Transit Effectiveness Project Status Report - INFORMATION

In response to a request made by the Plans and Programs Committee Chair, Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) staff will provide a status report on the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), the City's first comprehensive review of the Muni transit system in over 25 years. The project is a joint effort of the MTA and the Controller's Office. Over the past 18 months, the TEP has gathered an unprecedented level of ridership data, studied best practices from other transit systems, and conducted extensive public outreach to community stakeholders, policy makers and MTA employees. Informed by these efforts, the TEP has developed a set of preliminary proposals that aim to transform Muni so people can get where they want to go quickly, reliably, and safely. The proposals would also help address Muni's structural budget deficit by making service more efficient, and would reduce traffic congestion and pollution by attracting new customers to Muni. Since unveiling the TEP's draft proposals in February, the project team has been engaged in a comprehensive outreach plan to build awareness of and solicit community input on the proposed changes. At the Committee meeting, MTA staff will share progress to date on key tasks, including an overview of the draft proposals, an update on public outreach efforts, and a preview of next steps. This summer, the TEP will submit a revised set of recommendations to the MTA Board, reflecting modifications as a result of internal and external stakeholder input received. This is an information item.

8.                  Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION

9.                  Public Comment

10.               Adjournment



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