Potrero Hill Neighborhood Transportation Plan | Intersection Improvements

Update! For the latest designs and progress, please visit the POTRERO PEDESTRIAN SAFETY AND WALKING SCHOOL BUS PROJECT page under the Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program.


As originally proposed: The Potrero Hill Neighborhood Transportation Plan seeks to make strategic improvements to five key intersections in Potrero Terrace and Annex. The improvements focus on traffic calming, place making, and building pedestrian infrastructure. The images below represent preliminary designs for the five intersections. Detailed designs will be developed in concert with robust community outreach.

Proposed intersection improvements key transparent spacer image

For details of the proposed improvements, click on the name of the intersection:

1. 23rd St. and Arkansas

2. 23rd St., Missouri, and Dakota

3. Missouri St. and Watchman

4. 25th St. and Connecticut

5. 25th St., Texas, and Dakota