Proposition AA | Expenditure Plan

Expenditure Plan

The Expenditure Plan adopted by San Francisco voters is the document that guides the implementation of Prop AA and sets investment priorities. The Expenditure Plan directs the Transportation Authority to develop five-year Strategic Plans to allocate the funds to the design or construction phase of projects in the following project categories:

Propp AA can be used to fund projects in three categories: street repair and reconstruction, pedestrian safety, and transit reliability and mobility improvements.

The Expenditure Plan was developed with the following guiding principles:

  • Provide a documentable benefit or relationship to those paying the fee
  • Limit the Expenditure Plan to a few programmatic categories, given the relatively small revenue stream
  • Focus on small, but high-impact projects that will provide tangible benefits in the short-term
  • Provide a fair geographic distribution that takes into account the various needs of San Francisco's neighborhoods
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in programming and delivery

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