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In November 2010, San Francisco voters approved Proposition AA (Prop AA), an additional $10 annual vehicle registration fee to fund local street repairs and reconstruction, pedestrian safety improvements, and transit reliability and mobility improvements throughout the city. Prop AA designated the Transportation Authority as the fund administrator and approved a 30-year Expenditure Plan specifying the use of the revenues. Revenue collection began in May 2011.

The Prop AA Vehicle Registration Fee is a key part of an overall strategy to develop a balanced, well thought-out program to improve transportation for San Francisco residents. Prop AA generates nearly $5 million per year and is used to fund small but high-impact projects that will provide tangible benefits in the short-term. Since Prop AA's inception in 2010, the Transportation Authority has allocated $29.6 million (as of December 2017) in Prop AA funds for 22 projects, which in total represent $88.0 million in investments for San Francisco.

Visit the Project page for a complete list of projects funded with Prop AA and their statuses.

The Transportation Authority, working closely with project sponsors, identified 11 projects to be funded with Prop AA funds through the 2017 Strategic Plan. Visit the Strategic Plan page for Prop AA policies, procedures, and prioritization criteria.

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Download the Proposition AA Vehicle Registration Fee fact sheet (PDF).


For additional information contact or Mike Pickford, Senior Transportation Planner for SFCTA, at 415.522.4822 or via email.