Props K and AA Project News | 2016, 2017

Civic Center bike storage facility


In its role as administrator of the Prop K transportation sales tax and Prop AA vehicle registration fee, as County Program Manager for the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, and as Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority helps to fund and/or oversee delivery of projects ranging from signals to streetcars, bicycles to boulevards, and pedestrian safety improvements to paving. Projects are being put in the ground all the time. News on some of our most recently completed projects—whether delivered by the Transportation Authority or our project partners—is highlighted below.

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Ribbon-cutting to open Mansell Streetscape ProjectThe San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department on February 4, 2017 opened the Mansell Streetscape, a $7 million project to convert two busy lanes of vehicle traffic to permanent pedestrian- and bicycle-only pathways in McLaren Park.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority helped fund this first-of-its-kind project with half-cent for transportation sales tax, Proposition AA vehicle license fees and regional grants.

Thanks go to Commissioners Malia Cohen, Ahsha Safai and Hillary Ronen, as well as former Commissioners John Avalos and David Campos for their support. And thank you, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, for your support on this transformational project.

Input and advocacy from the Portola, Excelsior and Visitacion Valley neighborhoods was also crucial in moving this project forward. Thank you to all those community members who gave their time and energy.

Learn more about the project.


New Muni Vehicles Improve Reliability and Safety Systemwide

One of the most significant programs funded by the Prop K sales tax is purchasing new Muni transit vehicles to replace ones that have reached the end of their useful life and supporting the acquisition of 24 additional Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) for the Central Subway project. With the help of Prop K leveraging millions of federal, state and regional dollars, the SFMTA is working to replace its entire rubber tire fleet as well as the LRVs. The SFTMA has placed 48 new buses in service during the 4th quarter of Fiscal Year 2015/16 (April-June 2016), including 33 hybrid diesel motor coaches and 15 electric trolleybuses. Prop K sales tax has provided about 30% of the funding for new motor coaches and 20% of the funding for new trolleybuses ordered to date. The first LRV prototypes are anticipated to be delivered for testing this fall. The breakdown of new vehicles currently in service, ordered, or planned is shown in the graphic above.


Project Open for Use

We were excited to join with the Mayor’s Office, the SFMTA, San Francisco Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and other city departments on October 1st to celebrate the ribbon cutting for the beautiful Unity Plaza and Pedestrian Connector at Ocean and Phelan Avenues. The Prop AA-funded pedestrian connector provides an attractive pedestrian link between Muni’s K-Line stop on Ocean Avenue to its south, the expanded City College of San Francisco campus to its north, and the new City College bus terminal. The connector also leads to Unity Plaza, a landscaped area with trees and plants, and new benches, pedestrian lighting, special artistic pavement, a children’s climbing structure and photo displays depicting the history of the area.

Broadway streetscape visualizationBROADWAY CHINATOWN GROUNDBREAKING

Safer Streets for All Users

Ground has been broken at the intersection of Broadway and Powell Streets signaling the beginning of construction on Phase IV of the Broadway Chinatown project, with improvements along the Broadway corridor between Columbus Avenue and the Broadway Tunnel, including improvements near Jean Parker Elementary School. The project will include a re-configuration of the two existing travel lanes in each direction, bulb-outs, raised crosswalks, bus shelters, new street trees, bike sharrows, pedestrian safety improvements, landscaping sidewalks and medians, and the addition of new benches and 42 new street lights. The Transportation Authority has provided almost $6 million in One Bay Area Grant, Prop AA vehicle registration fees, and the Prop K transportation sales tax funds.

I-80 Westbound ramps on Yerba Buena IslandI-80/WESTBOUND RAMPS PROJECT PROGRESS

Agreement on Enhanced Design for Caltrans Bike Touchdown

As Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority is collaborating with the Treasure Island Development Authority to construct new I-80/westbound on and off ramps connecting to the new Eastern Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB). New ramps are tentatively scheduled to open in September 2016. Caltrans is reconstructing the I-80/eastbound on and off ramps including extending their Eastern Span bicycle pedestrian path to Yerba Buena Island (YBI). These improvements would provide a temporary Vista Point area, including hydration station, portable restrooms, bike racks, a parking lot and pedestrian crosswalk with automatic signals. The Vista Point and Eastern Span bicycle pedestrian path extension to YBI is tentatively scheduled to open in fall 2016.


Prop K Sales Tax Funds Produce Training Curriculum and Muni Ads

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and Vision Zero partners have produced a training curriculum for large vehicle drivers and started the “train the trainer” events. SFMTA is also working with the City Administrator’s Office to develop and launch a City employee defensive driving training program required for all vehicle users by fall 2016. Prop K also funded Muni ads that targeted the top bicycle safety issues.

Masonic Ave. signal upgradesONE BAY AREA GRANT (OBAG) CYCLE 1

Broadway Chinatown and Masonic Avenue Complete Street Improvements

San Francisco Public Works started construction of comprehensive improvements on Broadway from Columbus Avenue to the Robert C. Levy Tunnel in July 2016. Improvements include a road-diet, bulb-outs, special crosswalk paving, medians, bus stop improvements, street lights and furnishings, and trees. This project will implement a community-based vision developed through extensive outreach and planning efforts and is funded with OBAG, Prop K sales tax, Prop AA vehicle registration fee, state Safe Routes to School, and other local funds.

New crosswalk on Sloat Blvd. at EvergladeSLOAT BOULEVARD

Pedestrian Improvements Complete at Everglade and 23rd Street

Sloat Boulevard, which is both a state highway and a residential street near Lowell High School and Lakeshore Plaza Shopping Center with several Muni stops, has been the site of several tragic collisions. We are pleased to report that pedestrian safety improvements at two dangerous intersections—Sloat and Everglade, and Sloat and 23rd St.—were completed in July 2016. Improvements included hybrid beacons (pedestrian-activated warning devices), bulb-outs and medians, paid for with Prop K sales tax and federal funds.

7th Avenue and Lincoln Way bicycle cut-thru7TH AND LINCOLN BICYCLE CUT-THROUGH

Prop K Enables a Safer, Easier Crossing

The SFMTA has made it easier for bicyclists to cross busy Lincoln Way by constructing a new bicycle cut-through as part of Prop K sales tax-funded intersection improvements at 7th Avenue and Lincoln Way. The project makes it much easier and more comfortable for cyclists to enter or exit Golden Gate Park, thanks to a new bike signal phase that separates cyclists from drivers and a new concrete island with channels that allow bikes to cross through while drivers must turn right onto Lincoln. The project also includes new curb ramps, accessible pedestrian signals, and more visible vehicle signals.


Traffic Calming, Pedestrian and Bike Improvements Nearing Completion

San Francisco Public Works (SFPW) is nearing completion of permanent infrastructure and pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic calming improvements on Bartlett Street including wider sidewalks, street lights, bicycle parking, site furnishings and landscaping. The improvements were designed to support large community gatherings such as the Mission Community Market and local vendors. Final work will be complete at the end of August 2016. Funded by Prop K sales tax and 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety bond funds, this project implemented recommendations from the Mission Streetscape Plan as well as the recent place-making efforts of the Mission Community Market.

8th and Natoma mid-block crossing8TH AND NATOMA MID-BLOCK CROSSING COMPLETED

Recommendation Stemmed from the Western SOMA Neighborhood Transportation Plan

The SFMTA completed a new signalized crosswalk in the South of Market area on 8th Street at Natoma, which included new traffic signals, bulb-outs and curb ramps in July 2016. The project was funded with Prop AA vehicle registration fee revenues.


10 Projects Open for Use, 3 More Anticipated by the End of 2016

Since voters approved the Prop AA $10 vehicle registration fee in 2010 and the Transportation Authority approved the Prop AA Strategic Plan in December 2012, the Board has allocated over $22.9 million to 21 projects across the program’s three categories of Street Repair and Reconstruction, Pedestrian Safety, and Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements. In keeping with Prop AA’s focus on small, high-impact projects that can provide tangible benefits in the short-term, we have now seen 10 of these projects open for use, including four substantial street repair projects with the recent completion of Dolores Street. Sidewalk and bike improvements on Arguello Boulevard in the Presidio are in use, along with streetscape improvements on McAllister Street near UC Hastings. BART has completed the Civic Center bike station and the plaza renovation at 24th Street. The SFMTA is nearing completion of a new pedestrian plaza at City College this summer. See the Prop AA Project Delivery webpage for a complete listing of Prop AA projects and their status. We begin the public process to update the Strategic Plan this fall, which will feature identification of projects to funds over the next 5 years (Fiscal Years 2017/18 to 2021/2022).


On June 13, 2016 Commissioner Jane Kim, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, UC Hastings College of the Law, Friends of the Urban Forest, Tenderloin Community Benefit District and Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation celebrated the completion of the McAllister Streetscape project.

The project resulted in a series of pedestrian safety and streetscape improvements, including sidewalk widening, new pedestrian lighting, landscaping, and corner curb extensions to reduce crossing distances for pedestrians.

Neighborhood residents called for these various safety enhancements during a Tenderloin-Little Saigon neighborhood study led by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

These improvements will help San Francisco achieve its Vision Zero policy goal of eliminating traffic-related fatalities by 2024.

To mark the end of the McAllister project, Friends of the Urban Forest led a group of volunteers in tree plantings at more than 30 sites in the neighborhood.

The McAllister Streetscape project was funded through San Francisco’s Prop AA vehicle registration fee program and funding from UC Hastings.