2017 San Francisco Transportation Plan Update

SF panorama from Bernal HeightsFINAL REPORT AVAILABLE

The 2017 SFTP Update Final Report was adopted by the Transportation Authority Board on October 24, 2017. Download a PDF of the report.


Today the city faces many challenges—how best to grow chief among them. The decisions that we make today about investing in our transportation system will have a significant effect on helping to maintain San Francisco’s vitality and quality of life well into the future.The SFTP is the 30-year blueprint that guides investment in our city’s transportation system. The SFTP recommends a diverse investment plan that makes meaningful progress towards our important goals: economic competitiveness, safe and livable neighborhoods, environmental health, and well maintained infrastructure. It also recommends policy changes that depart from “business as usual” and will help us make the most out of our investments. Beyond the regional call for projects, the SFTP is the only planning effort in the City and County of San Francisco where all modes of transportation are taken into account and evaluated holistically.

2017 SFTP Update

The 2017 minor update builds off the plan passed in 2013 and reaffirm the 2013 plan’s goals, investment and supporting policy recommendations. This update includes a progress report on projects, policies, and planning studies that support and complement the 2013 SFTP’s investment priorities. In addition, it revises transportation funding revenue forecasts, updates project costs and reassesses projects previously identified for funding. It also includes an overview of existing and future conditions – such as population and employment growth, traffic congestion, and affordability trends that impact San Francisco’s transportation system. Finally, the update identifies new planning efforts and policy papers that are underway or anticipated to begin soon that will focus on key issues facing San Francisco. These analyses guided advocacy in the update to Plan Bay Area 2040 and other near term transportation funding and prioritization decisions so that we can preserve the city's livability, and improve mobility and accessibility in ways that keep San Francisco vibrant.

The 2017 SFTP Update reflects San Francisco's project and program updates in MTC’s federally and state-mandated, regionally coordinated effort known as Plan Bay Area 2040. All cities and counties worked to update their contributions to this plan to help the region better anticipate transportation needs and accommodate future population and employment growth.

2050 SFTP

As part of the ConnectSF process, the SFTP will undergo a major update to reflect the prioritized investment strategy that will set San Francisco on a path to realize the 2065 Vision. The next SFTP will contain fiscally constrained transportation investments through 2050, and will act as the vehicle for a coordinated project and program submission into the next Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) update by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), likely, in summer of 2019.


The first plan (the Countywide Transportation Plan) was adopted by the Transportation Authority Board in July 2004, and established the City's investment strategy and policy initiatives for the sector through a technical and community-based planning process.

The 2013 SFTP is the most recent major refresh of the Countywide Transportation Plan. It articulated two transportation investment scenarios through 2040, identified potential new revenues and established an Early Action Program for the first five years of investments. In addition, the SFTP includes policy recommendations and strategic initiatives to complement the investment scenarios as well as in-depth analysis on circulation in the growing core of the city, transportation equity, visitor trips, and project delivery.


Download the current 2017 SFTP Fact Sheet.

Photo courtesy Ed Brownson via flickr Commons.