Sloat/Skyline Intersection Alternatives Analysis [NTIP Capital]


Ocean Beach Project Context Map

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is evaluating several alternative options for the configuration of the intersection of Sloat Boulevard/Skyline Boulevard/39th Avenue to improve operations and safety for pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and vehicular traffic.

The Sloat/Skyline intersection was identified in the Ocean Beach Master Plan for signalization to create a safer and more efficient intersection to accommodate rerouting the Great Highway via Sloat and Skyline Boulevards. A roundabout was first proposed in the 2014 Ocean Beach Transportation Analysis conducted by SPUR.

For more information, please visit the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form.

PROJECT Description and benefits

Sloat/Skyline Intersection. Click image to enlarge.

The affected segment of Sloat Boulevard is a part of San Francisco's Vision Zero High-Injury Network, and the alternatives will be evaluated for their potential to improve safety for all road users and make progress towards achieving Vision Zero.

Alternatives under consideration include: 

  1. low-cost alternative
  2. roundabout reconfiguration
  3. signalization reconfiguration


Stakeholder engagement will take a two-pronged approach. Initial engagement will inform the assessment of existing conditions with an understanding of community-identified assets and challenges related to the function of the intersection. The post-study outreach will communicate the findings of the study, assessment of findings related to initial outreach and proposed recommendations.