Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - SF past datasets

The federally required Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a comprehensive listing of surface transportation capital projects for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area that receive federal funds or are subject to a federally required action or are regionally significant.  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), as the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the San Francisco Bay Area region, prepares and adopts the TIP at least once every four years.  Individual TIP entries can be proposed or modified via the Fund Management System (FMS), an online TIP database, which also allows the public and sponsors to search for projects in TIP.

Inactive "active" projects cleanup

1-MTC guidance (email from Mallory Atkinson)  
2-List of SF projects proposed to be archived - sponsor only

Resources for the 2013 TIP Update

* UPDATE: MTC has postponed the 2013 TIP adoption to October 2013 to time it with the Plan Bay Area adoption (scheduled for June 2013).  See MTC's September 2012 memo and January 2013 email for details and the updated schedule; click here for a summary schedule of submittal deadlines for sponsors.  Resource materials posted below are from the previous round when the 2013 TIP adoption was originally scheduled for December 2012, but most of the instructions (except for date-sensitive ones) are still applicable. For more information, please contact SFCTA or MTC staff. *

1-MTC TIP page 
2-MTC Guide to TIP

MTC FMS Workshop materials (3/26/2012)
1-TIP Overview
2-How to Use FMS
3-Project Monitoring and Delivery

MTC Step-by-Step Instruction
1-Archiving projects
2-Reconciling Other Local and RTP-LRP [MTC Memo] [email to sponsors]
3-2013 TIP Update FAQ
4-Adding non-exempt projects/phases [MTC Memo] [TWG email]
5-2013 TIP Primer [MTC Memo] [TWG email]

Air Quality (AQ) PM 2.5 ("fine particulate matter") Conformity Requirement
Because the Bay Area has been designated as a non-attainment area for PM2.5 ("fine particulate matter" that comes from combustion activities), MTC, with the help of project sponsors, must conduct a project-level hot spot analysis for "projects of air quality concern", e.g. major roadway and transit projects that may increase diesel vehicle traffic, that use federal funds or require federal action (effective Dec. 14, 2010).

1-MTC AQ Conformity/2011 TIP workshop page (6/2/2010)
2-MTC memo on upcoming PM 2.5 quantitative analysis
3-Request for AQ PM 2.5 info for 2013 TIP Update [MTC Memo] [TWG email]

For More Information

SFCTA: Contact Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, via email or at 415.522.4837.
MTC: Sri Srinivasan, TIP administrator, at 510.817.5793 or via email; Adam Crenshaw at 510.817.5794 or via email