Paratransit driver and disembarking passenger

San Francisco's paratransit program

San Francisco’s paratransit service, SF Paratransit, provides van and taxi services to people who are unable to independently use public transit due to a disability or disabling health condition.

The SFMTA has been providing San Franciscans with paratransit services since 1978. SF Paratransit exceeds the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, providing curb-to-door help, a Shop-a-Round shuttle, access to community centers, and more.

The SFMTA administers paratransit through a broker contract with a diverse set of providers and resources, including 112 City-owned vehicles, private taxis, group vans associated with community centers throughout the city, and inter-county paratransit services.

In 2016, the SFMTA provided approximately 800,000 paratransit trips to approximately 14,000 registered clients who were unable to use Muni’s fixed bus or light rail services. The service maintained an average on-time performance of over 90 percent.

Funding paratransit

The Transportation Authority has been funding paratransit in San Francisco for more than two decades. Currently, we provide approximately $10.2 million per year in Prop K funds for paratransit services, averaging 41 percent of the total program cost. Paratransit is the only category of funding in the Prop K program dedicated to operations. We recently increased the amount of sales tax funding to help cover the cost of operational changes that reduce passenger trip times for group vans.

In its role as Congestion Management Agency, the Transportation Authority also provides Lifeline Transportation Program funds to support the SF Paratransit program’s Shop-a-Round grocery shuttle service. The service offers registered seniors and people with disabilities assistance that is not available on Muni bus and rail lines by taking groups of customers to grocery stores or supermarkets in San Francisco where they want to shop. Lifeline Transportation Program funds support several thousand additional van and taxi trips for the grocery shopping service annually.

More more information on paratransit, visit the SF Paratransit website.