19th Avenue/Park Presidio Transportation Plan

19th Ave. at Vicente[NOTE: If this is not the 19th Ave. project you're interested in, try the 19th Ave. Transit Study.]


The Transportation Authority has developed and is working to implement the 19th Avenue / Park Presidio Boulevard Transportation Plan in conjunction with partner agencies and the community. This complex corridor, serving both as California State Route 1 and as a local urban arterial with multiple types of adjoining land uses, must accommodate bus transit, auto traffic, and non-motorized travel.

The Plan aims to provide better balance to the corridor's support of multi-modal travel. Some issues have already garnered attention, notably, pedestrian safety. Multiple government agencies have begun to implement projects addressing these issues. The Plan aims to coordinate multiple efforts led by all the relevant agencies to provide a coordinated set of improvements.


A full update can be found in the newsletter.

  • Phases 1 and 2 of the Signal Upgrade, funded in part by the Transportation¬†Authority, are in construction, with many improvements already complete
  • Speed limit changed from 35 mph to 30 mph
  • Double-fine zone established
  • Edge line striping project finished
  • Bus and pedestrian corner bulb-outs project in preliminary engineering phase
Cars parked on sidewalk on 19th Ave. Street striping on 19th Ave.


San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco Department of Public Works
California Department of Transportation


The planning process consisted of technical analysis, conceptual design, and community and agency outreach. Two rounds of community workshops informed the conceptual design and project identification process, each consisting of presentations to the Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods. The first round, conducted in Summer 2006, described existing conditions and solicited ideas for improvements. The Study then produced a set of conceptual designs for six designated ‚Äėprototype' intersections that were meant to reflect typical conditions in the corridor. The second round, held in Summer 2007, sought community input on the conceptual designs. The Study finalized designs after incorporating feedback and identified a corridor-wide, prioritized improvement project list. It also defined implementation roles and funding. Some of the work considered in the Plan has already moved forward, while other projects are pending additional approvals and funding.


The Study's recommendations can be found in the Final Report, adopted by the Transportation Authority Board in Spring 2008. Aimed at improving pedestrian crossing conditions, sidewalk conditions, and bus and traffic operations, they include medium and long-term infrastructure projects, as well as immediate action items addressing enforcement and education. One key recommendation is to install bus and pedestrian bulb-outs at corners of selected intersections along the corridor. The local partner agencies and Caltrans are advancing this improvement through the preliminary engineering phase, including environmental clearance and preparation of the required documentation for Caltrans approval.

Pedestrian enhancements on 19th Ave. Traffic flow on 19th Ave. Signal installation on 19th Ave.