Central Freeway and Octavia Boulevard Circulation Study

Octavia Blvd. at Market St.


The Final Report was adopted by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board of Commissioners at its meeting on September 25, 2012. 

Final Report Materials:


The Market-Octavia neighborhood has seen several transformative efforts in recent years, most notably the opening of the Octavia Boulevard/Central Freeway project in 2005 and the adoption in 2007 of the Market and Octavia Better Neighborhood Plan. Octavia Boulevard is the first facility of its kind in the United States in 80 years, redefining traffic engineering practice through context-sensitive solutions. The Octavia Boulevard project has delivered a transportation facility that provides neighborhood access to a regional freeway while providing an attractive public space.


The Central Freeway/Octavia Circulation Study seeks to evaluate the performance of the transportation system in the Market-Octavia area and recommend changes for improving travel options and traffic management in the area. The study focuses on multimodal and system-level perspectives. These multimodal transportation issues include:

  • Transit routing and reliability, and connectivity to regional transit
  • Automobile traffic circulation
  • Pedestrian crossings and facilities
  • Bicycle access
  • General wayfinding
  • Travel demand management strategies

The study will help support and advance key priorities of the Market and Octavia Better Neighborhood Plan including improved pedestrian circulation and transit facilities, as well as conversion of streets from one-way to two-way operation.

10x10_spacer Study area map mini

As the study area is both an active local neighborhood and a critical element of the transportation system for regional traffic coming to, from or through the area, the proposed solutions will need to address local, citywide and regional needs. This map of the general local area is consistent with the Market-Octavia Neighborhood Plan. Click here to see the study area map.

Study Objectives

The objectives of the Study are to:

  • Document existing conditions of the transportation system
  • Recommend a circulation framework for improving circulation and multimodal performance in the study area
  • Identify a set of multimodal transportation improvements through technical review and public input
  • Develop a funding and implementation strategy to support study recommendations

The Central Freeway and Octavia Boulevard Circulation Study will serve as a vehicle for discussion and coordination among local and regional stakeholders, while providing policy guidance for ensuring integration with the larger regional and long-term needs.

Fall 2010 Public workshop Materials

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