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Vision Zero initiatives photos: pedestrians, signage, bike safetyCreating safer, more liveable streets through vision zero sf

Every year in San Francisco, about 30 people lose their lives and more than 200 are seriously injured while traveling on city streets. These deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable, and San Francisco is committed to stopping further loss of life.

In 2014, San Francisco became a Vision Zero City, vowing to eliminate all traffic-related deaths by 2024 through education, enforcement, and road infrastructure redesign.

The Vision Zero SF Action Strategy, outlines the initiatives and actions the city will take to advance the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities. Vision Zero SF uses data-driven strategies that focus on creating safer streets, educating the public, enforcing traffic laws, and advancing transformative policies that save lives.

Transportation authority vision zero committee

In February 2014, the Transportation Authority Board established the Vision Zero Committee to track and support the progress City agencies are making toward meeting the goals of Vision Zero. The Committee is comprised of three Transportation Authority Board Commissioners - Commissioner Norman Yee (Chair), Commissioner Catherine Stefani (Vice Chair), and Commissioner Aaron Peskin. The Committee meets quarterly in City Hall and is a forum for City agencies to update Commissioners, advocates, and the public on the progress made towards achieving Vision Zero.

Attend a Transportation Authority Vision Zero Committee meeting.

Vision zero task force

The Vision Zero Task Force is chaired by the SFMTA and the San Francisco Department of Public Health and has over 40 members representing communities and perspectives from across the City. The Task Force provides feedback and input on key Vision Zero policies and efforts, ensuring that San Francisco communities have an opportunity to participate in creating safer, more livable streets.

Attend a Vision Zero Task Force meeting.

funding vision zero projects

In addition to the Vision Zero Committee, the Transportation Authority plays an important role in funding street safety improvement projects through the administration of San Francisco’s Prop K and Prop AA funds, as well as by prioritizing federal and state funds for San Francisco projects.

The Transportation Authority provides funds for projects that range from near-term improvements like crosswalk striping and speed humps, to more comprehensive projects like protected bike lanes, pedestrian bulbouts, and new or upgraded traffic signals. We also fund major corridor projects like the Geary Bus Rapid Transit and Better Market Street projects. Street safety projects funded by the Transportation Authority can be viewed in MyStreetSF.

The Transportation Authority also leads planning studies in support of Vision Zero, like the Vision Zero Ramp Intersection Study in District 6, and supports other community-based planning efforts through the Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program.

more information

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For questions related to Vision Zero, contact Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, via email or at (415) 522-4837.

Photo left courtesy Jeweledlion; Photo right courtesy SF Bicycle Coalition.