West Side Bridges Retrofit

YBI West side bridges

Project Overview

Eight bridge structures on the west side of Yerba Buena Island are a vital component of the Yerba Buena Island traffic circulation system and also serve as an important part of the on and off-ramp system to the Bay Bridge.

The Yerba Buena Island West-Side Bridges project will bring these eight bridge structures up to current seismic safety standards. To accomplish this, five structures will be seismically retrofitted, and three structures will be demolished and replaced with realigned roadway, an overcrossing structure, and new retaining walls.

The full retrofit is expected to be complete in late 2021 or early 2022.


Project funding


Funding Source Funding Amount
Federal Funds (HBP) $58,718,221
State Funds (Prop 1B) $6,215,639
TIDA $1,391,931

Additional Information

Yerba Buena Island I-80 West-side Bridges Retrofit Fact Sheet (PDF)